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Parent suggested and recommended Apps and websites for various disabilities. Please keep in mind these are just suggestions and recommendations. We do not endorse any of these Apps or websites, please make sure to review the materials prior to sharing with your child. Special Needs Apps for Kids - a program of Easter Seals of Houston, lists over 700 apps on their site. Special Needs Apps for Kids - a program of Easter Seals of Houston, lists over 700 apps on their site.

Apps for Children with Special Needs - this site features over 500 video reviews by a parent of special needs kids. He lists and reviews apps if he believes they do what they promise.

iAutism - a database that contains apps for iphone, ipad and android. Includes apps in languages other than english.

Aeirtalk - a speech and reading related app. http/

Kid Zui - a website designed just for children to watch videos, play games and so much more without parents having to constantly look over their shoulder.

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